Role configuration

This section provides instructions for creating new sets of privileges granted for components in the system. A role grants the ability to view, create, update, or delete records belonging to a specific component. While defining the role the domain in which it is available should be indicate. Description and usage of domains is described in the chapter 5. See Adding a Template for more information.


Log in to the application as the ‘System Admin” user.


People Administration > Configuration>Roles


User System interaction
  1. Click ‘Add new role” link
The New role page opens.
  1. Provide the appropriate information in the fields.   Description of the fields you can findbelow.
  1. Search for or enter the Component for which you are granting privileges.


The components finder opens
1 obraz
4. Select the checkboxes for all privileges you are granting for the component.   
2 obraz
5. Click the Save button.Note: Save your changes after granting privileges for each component. If you select another component without saving your changes for the current component, your changes are not saved.


6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each component for which you want to grant privileges to the security role  


Fields description

Field Description Required? Unique?
Name of role The name of the security role. YesUser tip: Saba recommends using a descriptive name thathelps identify the administrative job role or task made

possible by the role

yes yes
Description A description of the role. Provide additional information about Nothe job role or task made possible by the role, to assist otheradministrators in assigning the security role to users. no no


Related issues: Managing users






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