End user guide

Welcome to the End user guide!

This document describes how to use the application as the complete solution for managing and developing human capital resources in your enterprise. We are going to take you on a tour of the System. Along the way, we will highlight some of the key System features and point you to a number of helpful resources. We highly recommend to follow the guide step by step.

How to start

  • What should be checked beafore starting?
  • Logging to System

Navigation tips

Key concepts:

  My account

  • How to configure your account?
  • How to come back to default Home Page?
  • How to use proxy function?
  • How to work effectively with finders?


  • Where can I search for courses resources?
  • How to register for the course?
  • What are the registration statuses for an offering?
  • Where can I view all my in-progress learning activities?
  • How to seek learning recommendations to close specific competency gaps?





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