Using finders

All finders in the system have the same features. They have been designed to make your search easy and quick. How to use them will be shown in the example of the courses finder.

How to find a course?

steps  Follow the steps:

  1. Go to My Home>Learing>Courses
  2. You are presented with this screen, where you can find courses

TipTip:  On the finder you can notice that ss icon. It allows you to go to the nested finder and use the advanced search criteria

3. You can provide search criteria in the fields, then click the Search button to return the results that match your criteria. You can also click the Search button without entering any search criteria to return all the existing records

4. You  can configure the fields available to perform a detailed search by clicking the Configure link. In the Configure Search Option pop-up window, conditions can be added or removed for a search query. In addition, operators can be set for the selected conditions to return values that match the search criteria.

5. Use Save search query link  to keep frequently used queries.


You can sort search results in the finder by using the following feature

steps  Follow the steps:




noteNote: However, the availability of these sort options vary as per the last searched resource type.


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